ELKH Data Repository Platform

Research data sharing and knowledge of repositories among ELKH researchers

As part of the ELKH ARP project, we mapped the knowledge, experience, and needs of ELKH researchers in the field of data management through a complex qualitative and quantitative survey. For a short report on archiving within the institution, see the related news page.

Many domestic researchers share their data after the research is concluded, perhaps due to the fact that many researchers already work in groups. The sharing of research data during and after research is as follows:

Sharing research data

Always Often Sometimes Never Other
After research is completed 17 27 40 12 4
During research 9 30 50 8 3

Systematic and efficient sharing of research data requires that researchers have access to, know and use research repositories. Our question on the knowledge of available repositories shows that more than half of the researchers are not aware of a repository that they could use to store and share their research data:

Knowledge of available repositories

Does not know any 56
Knows general 19
Knows discipline-specific 13
Knows both general and discipline-specific 12

Several other data archiving issues were raised by respondents to our questionnaire, with researchers citing lack of storage space, low capacity, lack of a single collection point, and lack of proven automation mechanisms. Many also complain about the lack of standardised procedures, as each group has to develop its own practices, and many argue that data preservation would require adequate staff that is currently missing. The ELKH Data Repository Project aims to address as many of these issues as possible.